About PlayMor Siberians

Hello and welcome to our web site. We are the Phernetton Family located in Northwestern Wisconsin
near the Twin Cities, Minnesota border. We are a Siberian Husky Breeder of quality Siberian Huskies for
show, working and companion pets. We breed on a limited basis for ourselves and our next show dog
first and foremost. We do not breed to supply a pet market. We do not breed for specific coat or eye
color. Our goal in breeding is to breed genetically healthy, well socialized show dogs & companion
pets which conform to the AKC Breed Standard.

Each and every Siberian Husky at PlayMor Siberians is an active "family-member".  ALL of our
puppies/dogs are lovingly born and raised in our home, side by side with our children.

It is our goal when we do a breeding to objectively evaluate both the sire and dam and carefully
examine and acknowledge whatever faults they have. We OFA (hips) and CERF (eyes) all of our
breeding dogs. The OFA exam is done at 2 years of age and eye exams are performed yearly. It is
our goal to produce a quality Siberian Husky better than their sire and dam. We were fortunate to start
with good breeding stock that have outstanding pedigrees.

We occasionally have puppies/adult dogs available to qualified show & companion pet homes. All of
our dogs are sold on a contract, this is to protect the dogs, you the owner and us the breeder. All
dogs sold as pets are required to be spayed/neutered and the limited, non-breeding box is checked
on their AKC registration papers - absolutely no exceptions!! We do not sell to backyard breeders,
puppy mills, brokers, or their agents.

As a reputable breeder we are committed to our dogs for life. If for any reason, and regardless of age,
you can no longer keep your PlayMor Siberian we require the dog to come back to us. All potential
owners of a PlayMor Siberian are required to complete our questionnaire and complete our screening
process. This is to ensure the best match possible. We believe that all puppy/adult dogs should be a
permanent and active member of its new family. We stay in touch with our puppy and dog buyers and
love updates….. Including pictures.

If you have any questions about the Siberian Husky breed and want to learn if it’s the right
breed for you we’d be happy to assist in answering your questions.

Best Regards,
Lisa Phernetton