Being actively involved with rescue I see first hand the pet overpopulation problem our breed & country
faces.  However, that does not mean there is not a spot for the ethical/responsible breeder.

I am often asked "How can I find a good breeder?"  or "How do I know if its a
Backyard Breeder?"

First and foremost this is only my opinion based on my experiences in rescue as
well as breeding (which is done very limitedly).  And BUYER BEWARE...many
unethical/irresponsible breeder website look GREAT and you may feel 'this is the
good one' careful and do ALL of your homework first.

What I look for in a good breeder.....

1.) breedings are done on a limited basis and NOT to supply a pet market.
2.)  ALL breeding dogs are OFA Good or Excellent and eyes are CERF clear of
any hereditary defects.  For more information visit the Siberian Husky Club of
America's website regarding Siberians Hips & Eye Disease. (
3.)  A breeder should do more with their dogs than just breed them.  They should
be actively showing or racing their siberians to truly prove their worth in a breeding
program.  A recreational musher does not qualify in my book to be a
'ethical/responsible' breeder.
4.)  Breeding stock should NOT be bred until at least 2 years of age and only after
their Hips and Eyes have been screened by an OFA Veterinarian and  a Licensed
Canine Opthomologist (your regular vet CANNOT do this).
5.)  A Breeder who charges more for OFA/CERF Clearances is a big No-No!! Run
the otherway.
6.)  A Breeder who sells their used dogs as "proven breeder" or "with breeding
rights" is again......just looking to make a quick buck.
7.)  All puppies should be sold with a contract (this protects you the buyer as well
as the breeder).
8.)  All puppies are sold on an AKC limited registration and a spay/neuter contract.
9.)  Many Backyard Breeders (as well as puppymills & brokers) have more than
one breed of dog.  Usually 3 or more other breeds....remember, they are wanting
to saturate the market with their dogs to make more money.
10.) CHAMPIONSHIP PEDIGREE is another mis-leading quote used by the "bad"
breeder.  For instance, my first siberian who should NEVER be bred has a
pedigree filled with Champions, that does not mean she should be bred.  She's
actually a poor specimen of the breed.
11.) Being required to fill out a questionnaire is a good thing as well as having
reference checks done.  Dont be afraid of this process, afterall, a good breeder
wants only the best for their furkids.
12.) An unethical breeder will sell you a 'breeding rights' puppy for an additional
fee.  Beware, an ethical/responsible breeder will NOT.  This is a good way to see if
you are working with an ethical breeder.
13.) An ethical breeder will not let puppies go to their new home unvaccinated or
without a vet check.  While vaccinations can be done by the breeder it is still
necessary for puppies to have a well-baby check by the breeders veterinarian.  
Most ethical breeders will not allow puppies to leave home until 9-12 weeks of age.
6 weeks is far too young.
14.) Copies of OFA & CERF Clearances should always be available for you to see
as well as copies for your puppies medical folder.
15.) Lastly, ask how many litters per year the breeder has.  Ethical breeders do
not produce more than 1-3 litters per year at best.  Most usually only every couple
of years. Remember, ethical breeders are not breeding to supply a pet market.

While I certainly cant tell you EVERYTHING for every situation I believe this is a
pretty good list of things to look for.  I would be happy to help you find a good
breeder in your surrounding area that might have something available, or answer
any questions you might have.  Or another excellent resource is to check with a
local Siberian Husky Club (see or listing).

Best Wishes!