Is the Siberian Husky
right for you???

The natural beauty of the Siberian
Husky is their greatest enemy.
Too often referred to as
"snow dogs" and sadly purchased
for their great looks and stunning
blue eyes....soon, families all
across the world  realize this was
not the breed for their family.  End
result, an abundance of Siberian
Huskies sitting in our local kill
shelters hoping to make it off death
row.  Please, for the sake of the
Siberian Husky breed, research
first to determine if this is the right
breed for you.

The Siberian Husky is not the
breed for everyone.  Siberian
Huskies were born to run, even as
young puppies.  Regardless of
training, they should never be
trusted off leash outside of a
fenced in area.  A loose Siberian is
soon to be a dead Siberian.

They are active and inquisitive, a
bored Siberian soon becomes a
destructive Siberian.  Siberians are
known for their unique landscaping
(dig-dig-dig) and unfortunately, for
the bored and under exercised
Siberian, that too may include your
new leather sofa.  

Siberians are well known for their
small prey drive which all too often
includes cats and sometimes
small toy dog breeds.  

Last, but certainly not least, the will experience LARGE
volumes of shedding hair.  While
routine grooming will help with
this, the "blow" is to be expected at
least once and sometimes
twice a year.

For More information on the
Siberian Husky please visit The
Siberian Husky Club of America's
website at
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During your stay you will find information on
the Siberian Husky breed and raising a
Siberian Husky Puppy you can live with.  In
addition, make sure to visit our dogs pages as
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Jan. 14 &15, 2012
BLISS  finishes her CH. with 5 majors!!!

The very next weekend after a great run
at the St.Paul KC shows, Bliss continued
on in her winning streak.  Saturday going
WB/BOW for major #5 and completing
her championship.  Sunday was a
move-up into the BOB class where she
earned her first 5pt major towards her
Grand Championship title.
Look for BLISS in 2012 as she plays
around in the specials ring.
Jan. 6-8, 2012
BLISS is on a roll!!

The NorthStar Working Specialty started
a great weekend for Bliss as she went
WB and then Best of Breed over specials
turning this 1pt entry show into a 3 pt
major.  On Saturday Bliss repeated the
performance once again with another
big Best of Breed win over many
specials from the classes.  Sunday
ended her weekend with WB/BOW and
another 3 pt major win.
December 11, 2011

Bliss and Hugh, both winning under Bev
Capstick at the St.Cloud show.
November 19, 2011

Her first weekend here with me and
picks up WB/BOW at the
Minneapolis KC for 1 pt..  She now has 1
major and 1 pt towards her AKC CH.
June 18, 2011
Hugh is on a roll.

On his 2nd weekend out Hugh picks up
WD/BOW/BOS over specials
for  his
second 3 pt major win.  In the special
BBE Competition he then went on to a
Working Group 1st

At the Pudget Sound Siberian Husky
Regional Specialty
, BLISS goes
Winners Bitch under breeder judge
Donna Beckman.  This was Bliss' first
time entered in AKC competition.
April 24, 2011
WD/BOW first weekend out!

Hugh goes WD/BOW for a 3 pt major win
at his first show!  Fond Du Lac Kennel
club under Judge Paula Hartinger.  
Hope is then awarded BOB
March 11, 2011

Hope goes WB for a 3 pt major win
making her a new AKC Champion in
very limited showing.
2010 SHCA National Specialty
PlayMor kids on a roll.....

Smooch is awarded Select Bitch and
1st Award of Merit.
1st place 15-18 sweeps and
BOS in Sweeps and 4th place in a
tough Open class
Hope, 1st place 9-12 puppy sweeps, 1st
place 9-12 regular puppy
Bliss, 1st place 6-9 Sweepstakes
order allow,deny deny from 69.4.446.148 deny from deny from allow from all