We do not have any puppies available at this time.
We do however have a few retired Champions available
to loving pet homes.
Health Clearances..... they are not just for "show dogs".
The unscrupulous breeder vs. the ethical show breeder!!

For their own health, ALL puppies deserve to have parents with health clearances (OFA/Hips ,
CERF/eyes).  All puppies deserve to have optimal health whether in the ring or laying on the couch.  
Puppies which go to pet homes are raised no differently than a puppy that goes to a show home.  Many
beautiful show prospect puppies live their lives as loving companion animals.  Pet/companion puppies
receive no different care....from veterinary checks, vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, socialization
and nutrition.  Show puppies and pet puppies both come from the same quality parents and are raised
together in the litter,exactly the same way.   

This then leads me into the unscrupulous, money hungry backyard breeder who either does no certified
health clearances or leads you to believe they do but are unable to show you documented proof (yes, it is
your job to ask for it!)..... For starters, OFA/hip clearances, a disease which can render an animal crippled,
are the parents verifiable on the database?   www.offa.org  just type in the registered parent name and see
for yourself.  So, what makes an ethical show breeder different you ask???...... The ethical show breeder
starts with healthy breeding stock with verified health clearances.  The ethical show breeder guarantees
their puppies without making you jump through hoops.  The ethical show breeder works diligently to
ensure many future generations of health and proper temperament.  The ethical show breeder is here to
protect the breed, not to make a living off of the breed.  The ethical show breeder would NEVER charge
more for "blue eyes" and the ethical show breeder would never charge more based on coat color or
markings.  The ethical breeder would never require special supplemented Nu-Vet Vitamins, purchased
solely through the breeders code to ensure the breeder will honor their written health guarantee.  This is
the act of an unscrupulous breeder looking to line their pocketbook and now profiting from your purchase
of vitamins too.  And last but not least...... The ethical show breeder would NEVER charge outrageous
prices of $2,000 -  $3,000 for their pet/companion puppies.  

While we cannot speak for all show breeders, the price of a PlayMor Pet/Companion puppy is $900.00  
They are sold with a written health guarantee, AKC limited (non-breeding) registration.  Puppies are vet
checked, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped with permanent identification at no additional charge to
the new family.  The Parents of our puppies are OFA/hip certified & CERF/eye clear of any inheritable eye
disorders which can only be performed by a Board  Certified Canine ophthalmologist.