March 31, 1999 - May 18, 2006

"Wear your silver harness proudly precious one.  
You will forever remain in our hearts."

Nieko is our special siberian that started all of this crazy chaos in our lives.  She was our 1st siberian
and the one who would test all the limits.  She wrote the human manual for "living with your siberian
husky without killing them."  Counter surfing, digging, eating our house and "dang it, that dog wont
come when she's called!!"  Sound familiar?  After learning more about the breed (which by the way
should have been done BEFORE we got her) what we learned was that we had a perfectly normal and
happy siberian.

Nieko is our queen bee here at Camp PlayMor, she keeps the peace within the pack, but don't be
fooled, she's always up for a good game of "catch me if you can!"