Our Philosophy On Feeding

Over the years we have fed various commercial brand dog foods hoping to find the most complete & quality
food for our dogs.  We were never quite happy with the results and always felt as though
something was missing.  After much education & research we've began feeding a  RAW natural diet of
wholesome foods unique to the canines special needs.  We couldn't be happier with our decision and the dogs
agree......  Kibble is
OUT and Raw is IN.

The changes we see in our dogs are remarkable.  Already happy & healthy dogs, we were amazed at the
difference in attitude, energy and the new found health in each of them.  They are finally receiving a balanced
diet unique to THEIR needs, not that of a human.  B.A.R.F ("Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" or "Bones And
Raw Food") as it is commonly referred to, focuses on the needs of the canine.

The cost of B.A.R.F. vs Kibble is close to the same price as a high quality kibble.  The new found health in our
dogs is well worth the small difference in cost.  We are members of a Co-op group called
"Midwest Barf
Buyers" which allows us to purchase human grade, hormone & antibiotic free fresh cut meats at an
affordable price.  These are not seconds which have fallen to the floor or been removed from the human grade
lines, these are meats which you and I would serve to our own families.  

If you are considering a raw and natural diet please take the time to visit our favorite websites on the topic!!!!  
We strongly encourage all pet owners to research this type of diet before beginning.

Beginner FAQ - The Top 50 Most Frequently Asked BARF Questions Newcomers Ask !

Esmond Kennel - Detailed description of BARF'ing with a multiple dog household or kennel.  One of our more
favorite website with lots of detail. - a complete breakdown with step-by-step instructions

The following web pages and books are recommended for additional help and information on raw feeding:

Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health, Dr. Tom Lonsdale
Work Wonders, Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Web Pages:

Though we would love for all of our puppy buyers to BARF with their dogs/puppies, we understand its not for
everybody.  We do however require that you find a suitable high quality kibble vs cheap Grocery Store brands.
We recommend
CANIDAE or  grain free EVO by Innova Premium Dog food for all life stages.

To see a weekly meal plan for our dogs
click here.
OK, so its not the
diet we feed our
dogs but this 10
week old puppy
caught a grouse
and explored the
idea of a "whole
prey" raw diet.

End result.....a
few feathers.