Polary came to live with us via Adopt A Husky, Inc. rescue group.  The product of a backyard breeder who
had no concern for the breed or the puppies they produced.  Polary was sold to her first family where she
lived until the ripe old age of 10 months, when the family made plans to build a new home they decided Polary
wasn't part of their plans and placed a "free to good home" ad in the local newspaper.  This is how Polary
found her 2nd family (if you want to call them a "family").  Once again she was sent to live with people who
knew NOTHING about the Siberian Husky breed.  She immediately killed the 2 family cats, was severely
punished and dumped at the local animal shelter to be euthanized.  Thankfully the staff at the shelter knew of
the Siberians strong prey drive and contact Adopt A Husky to give her another chance.  On September 21,
2001 I drove 3 hours one-way to pick up this darling girl from the shelter.  Coming from a painful past Polary
was extremely shy and had no reason to believe humans were anything good.  With lots of time & love Polary
came around and chose us to be her new family.....who were we to say no?

We are officially "foster failures" and we signed the adoption contract making Polary a permanent member of
the PlayMor Pack.