PlayMor's Zero To Sixty
Porscha is out going, inquisitive, and always wants to know what
is going on around her. She loves to be near people, and is
usually the first one to greet company even if she has never met
them before. Porscha likes being the center of attention, and
doesn't mind pushing her way through a crowd of dogs to get to
the limelight. She is very vocal and enjoys screaming at you until
she has gained your undivided attention.  Favorite passtime for
Porscha are dogyard landscaping, playing tag with the other
dogs, and snoozing in her "den" under the computer desk.
Porscha will be filling the wheel dog position on our recreational
dog sledding team this season, but will most likely work her way
up to lead position by seasons end.
~Don Deckert