We at PlayMor Siberians strive to ensure that all of our Siberians and their new families are truly happy together.  
Therefore, we require all prospective buyers to fill out this questionnaire.  Please understand that each individual
puppy/dog placement is determined according to that specific animal's personality and by the role that he/she will play
within his/her new family.  We want our Siberians to have only the best homes possible and to live happy and healthy lives.
 We trust, that as a dog lover, you too can appreciate this.  Our ultimate goal is that our puppies/dogs becomes a
permanent member of his/her family and that he/she has the best chance of living as an active family member.
Contact Information
Name (s) :
Street :
City / State / Zip :
Country :
How long at address :
Home Phone :
Work Phone :
Cell Phone :
(please include area codes for the above numbers)
e-mail Address :
Personal Information
Marital Status :
What are your living arrangements?
Ages of all household members?
Your Occupation?
Spouses  Occupation?
If there was a change in the relationship who would the dog live with?
Residence Information
What type of residence do you live in?
What type of setting do you live in (city, country, etc)?
Do you own or rent your home?
If renting, can you supply us a letter of permission for pets from the landlord?
Does your insurance company provide coverage for owning a siberian husky?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, please describe with height?
If no, do you plan on installing one or how would you
exercise your siberian....please explain in detail.
Household Information
Are there any Children in the home? If so, list sex & ages.
Child 3
Child 4
Child 1
Child 2
Has there ever been an issue with your child and an animal in the past?
If yes, please explain in detail.
Does everyone in the household agree on adding a siberian to the family?
Does everyone in the household agree that this siberian would be an active family member and is to be treated
with dignity and respect?
Where would the dog reside (inside, outside, etc.) Please explain.
Do you believe in crating and would you be willing to crate the dog at bedtime or during times when it will be
left alone?
On an average day, how many hours will the dog be left alone?
Does your lifestyle allow for scheduled feedings, exercise, obedience class, etc?
Where would this dog go should you suddenly become ill or go on vacation and unable to care for him?
Pet Ownership Information
Have you ever owned a Siberian Husky?  
If yes, tell us about him/her, pet or breeding, etc.  And Finally,
what happened to them?
Do you currently own  a Siberian Husky or other breed of
dog?  If yes, tell us about him/her, age, characteristics,
breed, etc.
Is your current pet(s)  spayed/neutered?
If no, do you plan on doing it?
Are your currenet Pet(s)  current on vaccinations?
Are your current Pet(s) screened yearly for Heartworm Disease?
Are your current Pet(s) receiving monthly Heartworm Preventative?
If you have never owned a Siberian, have you thoroughly researched the breed?
Do you understand that a Siberian Husky can NEVER be trusted off leash regardless of
If no, please explain.
Do you understand the strong prey drive of the Siberian Husky and their potential
to injure and even kill small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, cats and
sometimes even small toy dog breeds?
Do you agree that Siberians make very poor guard dogs :-) ?
Are you familiar with the containment requirements of a siberian husky
and of their "escape artisit" expertise?
Are you familiar with the "landscaping" abilities of a siberian and their
passion for digging?
Are you familiar with the amount of exercise required for a Siberian?
Do you understand the social needs of a siberian husky?
Are you confident and willing to meet these needs of a siberian husky for the next
12-15 years for the entire life of the dog?
What qualities are you looking for in a Siberian Husky?
What qualities are you not willing to live with?
Why do you want a Siberian Husky?
Have you ever had to re-home, give away or relinquish a pet to a shelter?  If yes, please
Your Puppy / Dog Interest
Please tell us the type of puppy/dog you are looking for  (check all that apply) :
Adult (under 5 years)
Young Puppy (under 6 months)
Older Puppy (6 mths - 1 year)
Adult (5+ years)
Prefer Puppy but would consider an adult
What sex do you prefer....male, female or no preference?
We do NOT breed for specific coat or eye color.  Do you have a
preference in this area ?
If yes, what is your preference?
Would you consider something different if your preference is not available?
Please tell us your plans for this dog.......companion pet, breeding,
mushing, skijoring, etc.
Please provide us with your veterinarians business name, address, city, state, zip &
phone number
Please provide us with 2 non-related references.  Supply
Name/Address/Phone & e-mail address if available
Our Requirements
All of our Siberians are sold by contract only.  We do this to protect the dog and assure our buyers that we stand
behind all PlayMor Siberians.
Would you agree to signing a contract?
We require that all buyers provide us with a check made payable to the American Kennel Club at the time of purchase ($15).  Together we will
complete the puppy/dog AKC registration application and/or transfer paperwork and will have the new registration certificates mailed directly to
you, the buyer.  For record keeping purposes we require the buyer to provide us with a copy of the new registration certificate upon receipt from
the AKC.
Would you agree to the AKC Registration portion of our contract?
We require all of our buyers to have CERF (eye) exams done on their PlayMor Siberian at 1, 2 and 3 years of age and to provide us with copies of all
exam reports.  We will gladly advise you of upcoming CERF clinics in your area which are done at reduced cost, usually $25.  If you choose to OFA
(hips) it is a 1 time procedure and must be done after 2 years of age.  This is our way of monitoring two very important health related aspects of our
breeding program.
Would you agree to the CERF exams and foward the reports to us?
We strongly recommend that all puppies attend puppy obedience class (oftentimes referred to as "puppy kindergarten").  This helps with
socialization and learning manners in a structured setting.  It is also a very positive way for a puppy and his/her hew owner to bond and sets the
stage for living in harmony with one another.  We offer a $50 rebate upon completion of the 8 week kindergarten class.  In addition,  we offer $25
for each additional 8 week obedience class thereafter up to $100 (4 additional sessions beyond puppy kindergarten).  Certificate of Graduation are
to be mailed to PlayMor Siberians within 30 days of class completion.
Would you be willing to fullfill the puppy kindergaten recommendation?
If no, please explain
All dogs sold as companion pets are required to be spayed/neutered by 5 months of age.  All adults are spayed/neutered prior to going to their new
homes.  Your AKC registration application will be held until a signed letter from your veterinarian , on your veterinarians stationary,  is received
stating that the spay/neuter is complete.  All AKC registration papers will have the non-breeding  (limited registration) boxes checked prior to
submission to AKC.
Do you agree to our spay/neuter requirements?
If no, please explain why?
We require our buyers to provide regular veterinary care for their PlayMor Siberian.  Including, but not limited to annual health exams, yearly
heartworm screening, monthly heartworm preventative (we recommend & use Interceptor), monthly flea/tick prevention (we recommend & use
Frontline Plus), boosters of the core vaccines yearly and rabies vaccination every 3 years (or as required by your own state & local laws), and any
other Veterinary Care to be administered promptly as needed.
Do you agree to our veterinary requirement?
If no, please explain why?
Our puppies & adult dogs are exclusively fed a raw diet of wholesome raw foods.  Visit our Nutrition Page for more information.  Though we would love
for all of our puppy buyers to BARF with their dogs/puppies, we understand its not for everybody.  We do however require that you find a suitable high
quality kibble vs cheap Grocery Store brands.  We recommend
 CANIDAE®   All Life Stages Formula premium dog food.  CANIDAE® is made with
high quality human grade products which is ideal for Northern & Working breeds.   CANIDAE®  is readily available in all areas of the country.  A list of
Dealers can be found on their website.  We do not wish for our dogs to be fed cheap, poor-quality, "grocery store brand" dog foods as they are
nutritionally deficient for the unique metabolism of the Siberian Husky and will contribute to health problems..
What are you currently feeding your dog or plan to feed your
Would you agree to feeding only a premium/high quality dog food?
If no, please explain why?
We strive to produce Siberians that are physically and mentally sound.  However, by no means are our dogs perfect.  If a serious issue does
arise, we want to be contacted immediately, whether the problem is genetic or otherwise, including death due to any cause.  Once again, this
helps us to keep accurate records and to be aware of the status of the dogs we have produced.
Do you agree to contact us in the event of a serious issue or death?
If no, please explain why?
Periodically we send out updates about our dogs and we request updates from our Siberian buyers as well.  We expect to her back from you at
these times as this communication allows us to keep in touch with our buyers & dogs and to ensure that all things are going well.

Note :  We encourage our buyers to send updates to us at anytime throughout their Siberians life and of course, we love pictures! :-)
Do you agree to our communication requirements?
If no, please explain why?
In the event you move we require immediate notification.  This is to ensure proper registrations are changed.  All of our puppies/ dogs have been
implanted with a permanent microchip for identification should they become lost or stolen, it is critical that it be updated with all current
information and changed when necessary.
Do you agree to contact us should you move or have a phone number or e-mail address change?
If no, please explain why?
As stated earlier, purchasing a new dog is not a decision to be taken lightly and can be a 15+ year commitment.  However, if it becomes necessary
to re-home the dog we REQUIRE the dog to come back , as well as  free of charge to PlayMor Siberians.  These dogs must NOT ever be sold,
re-homed, given away, surrendered to a shelter or rescue group in any manner and MUST be returned to PlayMor Siberians if their owners can no
longer keep them.
Do you agree with our Dog return requirements?
If no, please explain why?
If we do not have a Siberian available for you may we refer you to another reputable breeder?
Additional Information
Is there any other information you would like to share with us regarding a PlayMor Siberian?  Please tell us why you feel you would
make an excellent home for one of our furry children?  We would appreciate some insight as to your expectations for this potential
new member of your family!
OK, now its your turn!!  Is there anything you would like to ask us? :-)
Although we breed on a limited basis we feel it's very important for future owners to know GOOD breeders are out there.  Please help by
telling us how you found PlayMor Siberians.
"I fully understand that completing this questionnaire and clicking "submit" is no guarantee that a PlayMor Siberian will be offered to me
for purchase and is primarily an important part of the screening process.  I swear that I have provided complete and truthful answers to
the questions and further understand and agree that this questionnaire will become a fully enforceable part of my contract with PlayMor
Siberians in the event this leads to a purchase"
We have been experiencing periodic glitches in our online questionnaire submission.  
Upon completion & submitting please send us an email at
lisa@playmorsiberians.com to
confirm receiving your questionnaire.
Thank You
Thank You for taking the time to complete our Puppy/Dog Questionnaire!  
We do appreciate your time and will be in touch with you shortly.

Best Regards,
PlayMor Siberians